Hillock Green Condo Gym at Lentor Central Yanlord Group

Hillock Green Project Information

Hillock Green Project Details
Project NameHillock Green
Address of DevelopmentLentor Central
Project DeveloperForsea Residence Pte. Ltd., Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd. and UED Alpha Pte. Ltd (A Unit of Yanlord Group)
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area144,714 square feet
Gross Floor Area433,983 square feet
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 470 Units

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    Hillock Green Location

    Hillock Green Condo Location at Lentor Central

    Hillock Green Updates

    : Latest Condo by Yanlord Land Group United Engineers Launching Soon.

    : City Fringe Development right next to Lentor MRT Station.

    13-Feb-2023: Please kindly register here for the latest VVIP dates and discounts.

    11-Feb-2023: Check out the latest site plan and floor plan here.

    Hillock Green Condo Dropoff Point by United Engineers UED Alpha

    Hillock Green Condo by Yanlord Land Group United Engineers at Lentor Central

    United Engineers Limited (UEL), a subsidiary of Yanlord Land Group Limited, through its fully owned unit, UED Alpha Pte. Ltd, has successfully acquired a residential site at Lentor Central to be reveloped into Hillock Green Condo. Hillock Green acquisition was disclosed in a stock exchange filing by Yanlord. Yanlord Land Group, a real estate developer, announced on Monday (Sep 19) that one of its indirect subsidiaries, along with two other entities, won a residential site tender at Hillock Green.

    UED Alpha and Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd. together secured the site at a bid price of $481,028,300. Hillock Green Condo acquired site, part of the newly developed Lentor Hills estate, spans approximately 144,714 square feet or 13,444.3 square meters, and has a maximum permissible gross floor area of about 434,140 square feet. The winning bid for the site was S$481 million, which translates to S$1,108 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr).

    The two companies, UED Alpha and Forsea Residence, aim to construct Hillock Green which is comprising about 470 units on the site, as stated by Yanlord.

    UEL Group’s Managing Director, Roy Tan, articulated their vision for the Lentor Hills site, “Our intention is to create a quality development that capitalizes on the site’s desirable features, such as its proximity to lush greenery, the MRT, and retail amenities.” He also urged the community to join the Singapore Business Review.

    The closest competitor, Tanglin Land of CapitaLand Development, submitted the second-highest bid, coming in at approximately S$1,069 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr). The lowest bid for Hillock Green was jointly submitted by GuocoLand and Intrepid Investments, at around S$1,038 psf ppr.

    Hillock Green Condo

    Hillock Green Unmatched Convenience and Amenities

    In the heart of Hillock Green Condo lies a gem with a rich history and a vibrant community: Ang Mo Kio Town. A bustling residential district and commercial center, Hillock Green loation is an exemplary testament to Singapore’s urban planning and development. Its well-rounded amenities, seamless transport network, rich history, and communal spirit make it a truly remarkable place to live.

    Firstly, Hillock Green amenities make it highly appealing for residents. Numerous shopping centers, such as the Ang Mo Kio Hub, provide a wealth of retail options for Hillock Green Condo Residents. Groceries, clothing, electronics – you name it, you will find it here. Hillock Green food options are extensive, ranging from traditional hawker centers that serve local delicacies to a variety of cafes and restaurants that cater to global cuisines.

    Another facet that makes Hillock Green a fantastic place to stay is its extensive green spaces. These provide opportunities for outdoor activities and contribute significantly to the quality of life. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, one of the largest urban parks in Singapore, is a perfect example. Here, Hillock Green Condo residents can enjoy cycling, jogging, or even a simple picnic by the river, creating a serene environment amid the urban hustle and bustle.

    Healthcare is a key aspect of any residential area, and Hillock Green shines in this respect as well. Hillock Green Condo is home to several top-notch medical facilities like the Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and the Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, ensuring that medical assistance is readily available when needed.

    Secondly, the transport network  is a model of connectivity. Hillock Green is served by the North-South MRT line, and the Ang Mo Kio MRT station is conveniently located in the heart of the town. Hillock Green comprehensive network of buses ensures that every nook and corner of the town is well connected, thus providing seamless and efficient travel within the town and to other parts of Singapore.

    Educational institutions are another significant factor when choosing a place to live. Hillock Green Condo location boasts some of the top schools in Singapore, such as the Anderson Serangoon Junior College and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School. These educational institutions ensure that children receive high-quality education and grow in a holistic and nurturing environment.

    In conclusion, the blend of modern conveniences, extensive green spaces, stellar connectivity, rich history, and robust community spirit make Hillock Green a prime residential area. Its all-encompassing offerings make it not just an excellent place to live, but a place to truly call home. With all these advantages, it is no wonder that Hillock Green is considered one of the best places to stay in Singapore. Hillock Green embodies the essence of a modern urban habitat that is sustainable, vibrant, and caring, offering a quality of life that is truly unmatched.

    Hillock Green Condo by Yanlord Land Group and Forsea Residence at Lentor Central

    Hillock Green Condo Excellent Connectivity to Other Parts of Singapore

    Tucked away in the Lentor, Hillock Green lies a tranquil residential area that embodies the country’s unique urban ethos – Lentor Town. One of the essential aspects that make Hillock Green location an attractive place to live in is its impressive transportation networks. Hillock Green Lentor area boasts well-planned and robust transport connectivity, making every part of Singapore easily accessible and thereby enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

    First and foremost, Hillock Green is served by the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, a significant facet of Singapore’s public transportation network. The Lentor MRT Station, part of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), ensures speedy and efficient connectivity to various parts of Singapore. Whether you are commuting to work, heading for a shopping spree in Orchard Road, or planning a fun day at the Marina Bay Sands, the MRT system will get you there in no time.

    Furthermore, the planned Cross Island Line (CRL), once operational, will further bolster Hillock Green connectivity. Hillock Green will intersect with the Thomson-East Coast Line at Lentor MRT station, making travel to the western parts of Singapore, such as Jurong and Tuas, as well as the eastern areas like Changi, more convenient than ever.

    In addition to the MRT, Hillock Green is well-serviced by an extensive bus network. A multitude of bus services operates from the Lentor Bus Stop and Yio Chu Kang Bus Interchange, located just a few kilometers away. They run on well-planned routes, ensuring that every corner of Lentor Town is easily reachable. These bus services provide an alternative means of transport for Hillock Green Condo residents who prefer a scenic ride to their destinations.

    For those who prefer to drive, Hillock Green is just as accessible. Strategically located near major expressways such as the Seletar Expressway (SLE) and the Central Expressway (CTE), Hillock Green offers easy and quick access to both the Northern and Southern parts of Singapore. Hillock Green residents working in the Central Business District (CBD), the drive is made easy and direct by these expressways. Moreover, the well-laid network of arterial roads within Lentor Town allows smooth and hassle-free local commute.

    It is not just the convenience of the transportation network that sets Hillock Green apart. Thoughtful planning ensures that these networks are seamlessly integrated with the surrounding landscape and residential areas. This means minimal noise and air pollution, despite the area’s excellent connectivity.

    A noteworthy aspect of Hillock Green’s transportation network is its conscientious integration with the town’s green spaces. The transportation planning includes provision for pedestrian-friendly pathways and cycling routes, promoting a healthier and more eco-friendly mode of travel. This green connectivity significantly adds to the quality of life for Lentor residents.

    Moreover, plans for the future of Lentor Town’s transportation network are just as promising. With continuous improvements and developments, the Land Transport Authority aims to ensure that eight in ten homes will be within a ten-minute walk of a train station. This is a clear indication of the government’s commitment to making public transport even more convenient for residents.

    In conclusion, Hillock Green’s transportation network is an excellent blend of efficiency, accessibility, and thoughtful planning. The MRT, bus services, and extensive road network collectively provide quick and convenient travel options, making any part of Singapore from Hillock Green location easily reachable. The emphasis on pedestrian-friendly pathways and cycling routes promotes greener and healthier living. In essence, Hillock Green’s transportation network epitomizes Singapore’s success in creating a transportation system that not only facilitates movement but also enhances the quality of life for its residents. It is this meticulous planning and execution that makes Hillock Green a shining example of urban living in Singapore.

    Lentor MRT Condo Hillock Green at Lentor Central

    Hillock Green Condo Near to Many Good Schools

    Nestled in the heart of Singapore, the residential hubs of Ang Mo Kio Town and Lentor are not just renowned for their vibrant community spirit, green spaces, and seamless transport connectivity, but also for their proximity to a multitude of esteemed educational institutions. These schools are spread across different levels, from primary to secondary and junior colleges, offering Hillock Green residents a diverse range of high-quality educational options right at their doorstep.

    In Ang Mo Kio Town, you can find several schools that are nationally recognized for their excellent academic standards and holistic approach towards student development. Starting with primary education, schools such as the Ang Mo Kio Primary School and Jing Shan Primary School are renowned for their rigorous curriculum and extensive co-curricular activities, providing an enriching environment for young students to thrive.

    • Anderson Primary School: This is a government-aided co-educational primary school committed to nurturing learners who are creative, inquisitive, and morally upright.
    • Yio Chu Kang Primary School: Known for its rigorous curriculum and values-centered education, this primary school prepares students to be responsible and active learners.
    • Jing Shan Primary School: This school is recognized for its strong academic and co-curricular programs that foster a lifelong love for learning among students.
    • Mayflower Primary School: Located near Yio Chu Kang, it’s known for instilling a strong foundation of values and learning passion in students from a young age.
    • Presbyterian High School: This secondary school aims to provide students with a holistic education that promotes academic success, character development, and leadership skills.
    • Yio Chu Kang Secondary School: Offering comprehensive secondary education, this school places emphasis on character development and academic excellence.
    • Anderson Secondary School: Known for its strong academic program and co-curricular activities, it’s located conveniently for residents in Lentor.
    • CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School: A leading girls’ school in Singapore, it’s known for its strong academic track record and emphasis on character and leadership education.
    • Anderson Serangoon Junior College: Located near Lentor, it’s one of the premier junior colleges in Singapore, offering high-quality post-secondary education.
    • Nanyang Polytechnic: It’s a tertiary institution that offers a diverse range of diploma courses and industry-oriented training, located near both Lentor and Yio Chu Kang.

    These schools are strategically located around Hillock Green Condo at Lentor Central, making these areas appealing for families with school-going children, as they offer a variety of educational opportunities and pathways.

    Hillock Green Located Near to Shopping Centres

    Hillock Green residents enjoy close proximity to numerous shopping centres. These malls offer Hillock Green residents an eclectic mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options, serving as convenient one-stop destinations for a range of lifestyle needs.

    Greenwich V

    At the heart of Hillock Green lies the Greenwich V, a unique retail and lifestyle hub near to Hillock Green. With its distinctive village-like atmosphere, Greenwich V offers a refreshing shopping experience. The mall houses a variety of shops, including Cold Storage for groceries, Paradise Hotpot for a sumptuous meal, and Raffles Medical for healthcare needs. With a range of eateries offering local and international cuisine, Hillock Green Condo residents can indulge their taste buds at any time of the day.

    Ang Mo Kio Hub

    For those who fancy a more extensive shopping spree, Ang Mo Kio Hub, located just one MRT stop away from Hillock Green, is the place to go. This bustling shopping centre is a hive of retail activity and offers a comprehensive range of services. With fashion outlets, bookstores, electronics shops, and a cinema, it serves as an excellent destination for family outings. The food court and various restaurants in the mall provide numerous dining options, catering to all tastes and budgets for Hillock Green residents.

    Seletar Mall

    Seletar Mall, another significant shopping centre accessible from Lentor and Yio Chu Kang, is a seven-storey retail and lifestyle mall near Hillock Green location. It hosts a variety of retail outlets, including renowned chains such as Uniqlo and Amore Fitness. With Shaw Theatres providing the latest in cinematic entertainment and NTUC Foodfare offering a wide range of food options, Seletar Mall is an all-round entertainment hub for residents.

    Thomson Plaza

    A stone’s throw away from Hillock Green is the Thomson Plaza. This suburban mall caters to a broad spectrum of shopping needs, from groceries at FairPrice Finest to eateries like Han’s and Swensen’s, and even a library. The mall’s serene and relaxed atmosphere makes it a favourite destination for residents looking for a quiet and enjoyable shopping experience.


    Finally, residents of Hillock Green have easy access to myVillage at Serangoon Garden. This shopping centre, while smaller than others, provides a unique and quaint shopping experience. With its blend of sophisticated and retro shops, restaurants, and cafes, myVillage offers a tranquil yet modern shopping ambience.

    Hillock Green Located Near to Good Restaurants and Coffee Spots

    Hillock Green at Lentor Central are residential areas known for their vibrant food scenes and bustling lifestyle spots. From fine-dining restaurants to laid-back pubs and quaint coffee shops, Hillock Green residents are treated to a multitude of culinary delights and leisurely haunts, just a stone’s throw away from their homes.

    Paradise Hotpot

    For food enthusiasts, Hillock Green offer a host of restaurants catering to a wide range of palates. At Greenwich V, one can enjoy Paradise Hotpot, a communal dining experience where diners can savor a range of fresh ingredients in a flavorful soup base. For those looking for something more western, Cedele offers an assortment of sandwiches, pasta, and pastries. Over at Seletar Mall, residents can enjoy delectable Japanese cuisine at Sushi Express or Thai specialties at ThaiExpress.

    Chong Boon Market & Food Centre

    Hillock Green is also home to the famous Chong Boon Market & Food Centre, where locals flock for a taste of authentic Singaporean hawker fare such as Laksa, Chicken Rice, and Char Kway Teow.

    When it comes to pubs and bars, The Summerhouse at Seletar Aerospace Park is a popular spot among Hillock Green residents. It provides a unique dining and drinking experience in a beautiful colonial bungalow, surrounded by lush greenery. Alternatively, the al fresco bar at Wheeler’s Estate is another excellent place to unwind with a glass of craft beer or signature cocktail in a relaxed outdoor setting.

    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    Coffee aficionados have plenty of options too. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Greenwich V near to Hillock Green is a go-to place for a quick caffeine fix. Likewise, Toast Box at Ang Mo Kio Hub offers a unique local coffee experience with its traditional Nanyang coffee and a range of local delights. For those who prefer a more tranquil environment, The Plain Jane at Serangoon is a charming café that serves artisanal Swiss rolls and specialty teas.

    The Coffee Roaster

    For those who fancy a unique coffee experience, The Coffee Roaster at myVillage @ Serangoon Garden is worth a visit. It offers a selection of single-origin coffees, roasted in-house, ensuring that each cup delivers a burst of freshness and robust flavors.

    In summary, Hillock Green Lentor Central offer an abundance of gastronomic experiences and leisure spots that cater to different tastes and preferences. Be it savoring a hearty meal at a restaurant, unwinding at a cosy pub, or simply enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, Hillock Green residents can do all these and more right within their vicinity. The food and beverage scene in these areas truly reflects the dynamic and vibrant lifestyle that their residents enjoy.

    Hillock Green United Engineers UED Alpha Living Room

    Hillock Green Condo Lentor Central Developments Based on URA Master Plan

    The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore, through its Master Plan, outlines the strategic development trajectory for various regions across the city-state. Hillock Green Condo located at Lentor Central, have been earmarked for exciting transformations in the coming years.

    The primary objective of the URA Master Plan for Hillock Green at Yio Chu Kang is to enhance the liveability and vibrancy of these residential precincts while preserving their distinctive character. Both these precincts are set to benefit from improved connectivity, additional housing options, upgraded amenities, and green spaces, all planned to offer residents an improved quality of life.

    One significant aspect of the Master Plan is the improvement of transport infrastructure at Hillock Green Lentor Central. With the completion of the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line, Hillock Green will have its own MRT station, enhancing its connectivity to the city centre and other parts of Singapore. Similarly, the planned North-South Corridor, an expressway designed to reduce travel time to the city, will have dedicated bus lanes and cycling routes, improving Lentor and Yio Chu Kang’s accessibility and promoting greener commuting options.

    In terms of housing, the URA plans to introduce new residential sites in Hillock Green to provide more housing options for future residents. These developments will be planned with convenience and accessibility in mind, ensuring that amenities are within easy reach. Furthermore, these new housing precincts will be designed with an emphasis on community interaction to foster stronger neighbourhood ties at Hillock Green.

    To cater to the commercial needs of the growing population around Hillock Green, new commercial hubs will be developed. Lentor Hills, for instance, is slated to become a vibrant mixed-use development comprising residential units, retail shops, food and beverage outlets, and a supermarket. Such developments will bring jobs and amenities closer to residents, reducing the need for long-distance travel.

    The Master Plan also includes provisions for enhancing existing amenities around Hillock Green. For instance, the Yio Chu Kang stadium is set to be upgraded, providing enhanced sporting facilities for residents. The surrounding areas will be developed into a sports and community hub, featuring an integrated community and lifestyle hub, hawker centre, and community club.

    Environment sustainability is a key focus of the URA Master Plan. Efforts will be made to increase green spaces within these residential precincts. New parks and park connectors will be developed, and existing ones will be enhanced. These green spaces will not only improve the local biodiversity but also provide residents with more opportunities for recreational activities.

    One notable green initiative is the transformation of the former Seletar West Farmway into a community farming hub, where Hillock Green residents can lease farming plots and engage in farming-related activities. This initiative aims to foster community bonding and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

    Lastly, the URA Master Plan seeks to preserve the rich heritage of these areas. Hillock Green, for instance, was once home to pepper and gambier plantations, while Yio Chu Kang was known for its poultry farms. Efforts will be made to commemorate these historical narratives, ensuring that the area’s history continues to be a part of its vibrant future.

    In conclusion, the URA Master Plan for Hillock Green by Yanlord Land Group foresees a future where these precincts become even more vibrant and liveable. With improved connectivity, diverse housing options, upgraded amenities, enhanced green spaces, and a nod to their rich heritage, Hillock Green are set to offer their residents an enhanced quality of life while retaining their distinctive character.